St. Louis SCC Delivers Full Spectrum Symposium

The St. Louis Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists announces a full program for its Scientific Symposium. The event will take place on Sept. 21, 2007, and will feature a variety of presentations from the personal care and related industries.

Steven O'Conner of Clariant Corp. will give his presentation at the event titled, "Taurate Copolymers – Access to New Sensory Profiles in Cosmetics Applications."
Polymeric thickeners based on polyacrylates and polymeric sulfonic acids, e.g. polymers of acrylamidomethylpropane sulfonic acid (AMPSA), as performing ingredients. Here the focus will be on representatives of the pre-neutralized polymeric sulfonic acid powder group. These taurate-based copolymers offer a number of interesting pH stability and high UV stability properties that can open up new avenues in modern cosmetic formulation development.

Dana Adkins from Degussa Goldschmidt Chemical Corp. will give a presentation titled, "Inverse Phase Emulsions."
Inverse phase emulsions or what are also known as w/o emulsions, can be characterized by having a continuous oil phase and a discontinuous water phase. In the past, due in part to the limited methods of emulsion stabilization this emulsion type generated thoughts of heavy, oily creams. Advances in this area now enable formulators to produce spray, lotion and cream platforms. Cold processing of these emulsions can now be added as an extra benefit! This presentation will show formulators how to combine the diverse range of water-in-oil emulsifiers with emollients to create robust emulsions with targeted sensory profiles.

Mort Westman of Westman & Associates will speak on "A Practical Guide to Product Evaluation."
Proceeding from instrumental laboratory testing to market testing, the available types of testing are reviewed as a logical continuum in which "control" and "objectivity" is eventually surrendered for "reality." Too often exhaustive and expensive testing does not reflect true product performance, or perhaps worse, it does not reflect the eventual consumer's perception of product performance. Emphasis is given to avoiding the pitfalls that commonly lead to erroneous results and market failure.

Lisa Berman of  The Saint Louis Zoo Zoo will give a presentation titled "Conservation."
The Saint Louis Zoo is working to save endangered species both on our St. Louis campus and around the world. This program will introduce you to the work of our WildCare Institute. We will bring live animals from different continents to teach you about the diversity of wildlife on our planet.

Finally, Rich Otterson of McIntyre Group Ltd. will give a presentation on REACH
REACh, the new European chemical control legislation came into force on June 1, 2007. It will impact not only EU chemical companies and consumer product manufacturers, but American companies as well. Any company exporting chemicals to the EU, either as raw materials or as finished products, must comply with REACh. The REACh process of registration, evaluation & authorization of chemicals will be discussed in terms of timing, costs and likely effects on our industry.

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