French Society Focus: Senescence and Skin

The French Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SFC) will host its annual 2012 Jean-Paul Marty Days on Nov. 28 and 29, which will focus on the subject of senescence and skin. This event will cover mechanisms of skin aging in the fibroblasts, keratinocytes, melanocytes, mitochondria and more. Featured speakers include Judith Campisi, of the Buck Institute of Research Aging, Berkeley, CA, USA, who will provide an overview of aging and cellular senescence; and Jean-Marc Lemaitre, of the Institute of Functional Genomics, CNRS, Montpellier, France, who enlighten attendees on “reprogramming” these effects through pluripotency as a new paradigm for human cell rejuvenation.

Additional topics will range from autophagy and longevity, oxidative stress and senescence, and the stability and biological activity of resveratrol; to pro-vitamin D to protect from senescence, progerin as a new marker, telosome to protect telomeres, and a technology acting on new cell receptors to reverse aging. Isabelle Imbert, PhD, of Vincience Skin Research Center/Ashland Specialty Ingredients will present shelterins as the missing link between telomeres and senescence. In addition, the modulation of telomere shortening during replicative senescence will be discussed by Philippe Mondon, PhD, of Sederma.

Rounding out these sessions, discussions of means to measure these effects will be presented; such as an “atlas” of wrinkles and biophysical measurements, skin color and homogeneity assessments, face and age perception, and sagging of the skin. For more details and the full program, visit the SFC website.

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