3 Articles You May Have Missed in Cosmetics & Toiletries June 2019


Cosmetics & Toiletries zoomed in on hair care for our June issue, with topics ranging from botanical ingredients and scalp care, to sensory responses, the integrity of dyed hair and grooming habits.

Available in a convenient, easy-to-read digital format, Cosmetics & Toiletries' digital edition provides personal care industry and technical insight. Click the article names below for some of the stories that you may have missed in our June 2019 issue, including:

EU Regulatory Update on the Future of Hair Color Warnings, Plus Brexit and Cannabis—Hair dyes are covered by strict legislative frameworks around the world to avoid adverse reactions; this column covers new research that may add heft to their warning labels. Updates to ongoing regulatory considerations for Brexit and cannabis use also are discussed.

Rooted in Nature: Botanicals for Hair and Responsibly Sourcing Them—Demand for naturals in hair care has given rise to new strategies for fortifying the supply chain and ensuring the extracts promised are also the extracts received. This article provides a look at historic uses of botanicals in hair, considers responsible sourcing, and reviews techniques to verify extracts and their constituents.

Conditioned Response: Fragrance's Cross-modal Effect on Sensory Perception in Hair Care*—This study compared the impact of two fragrance types on the tactile perception of dry, bleached hair treated with a base or enhanced leave-on conditioner. Sensory tests showed a fruity fragrance was most successful at imparting the perception of conditioned hair.

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