Rose Metabolism, CBD Alternate and Hair Refresh Star in Ashland's in-cos Marquee


Rosa centifolia's adaptive skills, patchouli as a CBD stand-in, and a polymer to refresh dry shampoos are Ashland's marquee innovations launching at in-cosmetics Global this week, April 2-4, 2019, in Paris.

Aligned with the theme "My Beauty, My Ritual," Ashland has developed solutions to embrace the individuality of beauty consumers and their daily rituals by speaking to individual values and needs, and enabling consumers to confidently achieve the best versions of themselves.

Mastering Rose Petal Metabolism

Rosaliss (INCI: Not Provided) is a biofunctional extract that is 100% natural and derived from Rosa centifolia grown in the Provence region of France. The company's proprietary Plant Small RNA technology is designed to capture entities from the fresh petals that function in the rose’s metabolism to help it resist environmental changes. These reportedly help skin to achieve flawless repair and bring a new dimension to natural and environmentally conscious extracts.

Justine Cotton, global marketing manager and new business development, Ashland, noted the ingredient "was originally inspired by scientific research in regenerative medicine and displays outstanding efficacy and unique properties to help skin achieve an alluring perfection."

Patchouli-based CBD Alternative

Ashland's CB2-skin (INCI: Not Provided) is a biofunctional made from patchouli that acts similarly to cannabidiol (CBD) oil for calming, soothing and well-aging properties in skin. The product is presented as an alternative to controversial cannabis derivatives, with reportedly superior benefits for modulating the skin’s CB2 cannabinoid receptor.

“Today, the 'hippie chic' or 'boho' trend is gaining momentum in the luxury segment, and CB2-skin is a privileged ingredient to capture this trend in cosmetics,” said Anne Clay, global marketing manager and new business development, vincience biofunctionals, Ashland. “Our premium patchouli is sourced from fully integrated and sustainable farms in Colombia. It offers the skin calming, relaxing, comforting, anti-irritant and antipruitic properties."

Clay added it is suitable for sensitive skin applications and for use under the "better for me" movement featuring beauty rituals to help disconnect from life's daily stress.

Polymer Refresh for Hair

The New Advantage Revive (INCI: Not Provided) polymer is based on a unique polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) chemistry, designed to leave hair feeling cleaner and looking shinier. The product imparts the appearance of freshly washed hair to give consumers next-day hair that looks as good as the first day. The polymer is designed for use in aerosol and nonaerosol dry shampoo applications.

“Many of today’s dry shampoo formulas are formulated with older, starch-based technologies and have not met the expectations of consumers,” said Penny Antonopoulos, global director of hair care marketing, Ashland. “Hair is left looking lifeless, dull and in some cases just as greasy. Ashland’s patent-pending Advantage Revive polymer delivers superior cleaning at lower use levels, and with improved sebum removal and less visible residue on hair.”

80 Years of PVP

In relation, Ashland is celebrating 80 years of innovation and development with PVP chemistry. Walter Reppe, Ph.D, and colleagues filed a patent covering the process for producing polymeric n-vinyl pyrrolidines back in 1939. According to Ashland, their work has become a mainstay of polymer science some 80 years later, especially for hair styling.

Considering how a given hair style can define a decade, the Ashland hair care team is commemorating PVP’s 80th anniversary by celebrating evolving hair styles from the 1950s to today. The company has created formulas that allow consumers to re-create the classic “rockabilly” look of the 1950s, with a smooth control wax; to the mod styles of the 1960s and also the rocker hair of the 1980s.

“PVP has served as a backbone to a number of innovations and has allowed Ashland to create ... solutions to personalize daily styling rituals, such as thermal transformation, air dry style, volume-up, and natural and radical styling with claims such as 48-hr hold, thermal protection, restylability and enhanced shine,” said Antonopoulos.

Transforming Formulas

In-cosmetics attendees also can discover Ashland’s Crème by You formulations to learn how playful, waterless, solid molds can be transformed at home by the consumer into a cream for their personalized skin needs.

Denise Costrini, global marketing manager, skin care said, “This really reinforces our My Beauty, My Ritual show theme. Consumers can choose which formulation their skin needs—from detoxifying and energizing, to de-stressing or age-defying. Playing off the do-it-yourself (DIY) and personalization trends, these beautiful molds can be easily mixed into a cream by the consumer... to the consistency the individual desires or to suit their skin type or environment.”

Protect and Defend

Furthering the My beauty, My ritual theme, Ashland is launching a Total Defense Package for skin care with ingredients for air pollution protection, light spectrum protection and skin repair. These ingredients include the Antaron (INCI: Not Provided) sensory polymer and Prolipid (INCI: Not Provided) lamellar gels. This package offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to providing the skin environmental protection and repair.

Ashland's innovations will be displayed at the Makeup Bar, showcasing a highly pigmented foundation stick; a creamy, full-coverage concealer; long wear foundation; and makeup-setting spray. Ashland also will host a Technical Seminar on April 2, 2019, from 2:40-3:10 pm, in Theatre 2. This session will focus on how the company's ingredient helps to address consumer needs in the fast growing dry shampoo trend.

For more information, visit Ashland at booth J80.

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