In-Cosmetics Overview: Day 3

The following is a sampling of the day's events, taken from Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine's Twitter account, CandTEditor. Tweets from the editors can also be followed at

Jan Dekker launched GemmaNova, a compound from safflower buds designed for anti-aging products at it's Press Champagne Hour. According to the company, the safflower is grown by the company using it's Bud Nest technology, which is a contaminant free environment.

Botaneco launched a certified organic version of its safflower oleosomes, Hydresia O.

Lab Sero debuted a compound for scalp health that addresses scalp sebum, moisturization and irritation. The compound is comprised of butylene glycol, black pepper extract, Inga alba extract and sodium lauroyl lactylate

Dow Microbial Control discussed its new launch, Kathon CGIII, which is a low salt preservative. According to the company, low salt preservatives allow the formulator to avoid the incompatibilities with magnesium. The preservative can be formulated in rinse-off products. 

Sybille Buchwald-Werner from Vitals Solutions gave a marketing presentation on ingredient trends in South Africa. She noted that the personal care market was estimated at €2.47 billion in 2007 and has had double digit growth in the time since. She conducted a survey of the cosmetic usage in the South African area including countries such as Zambia and found that the area spends an average of 2% of their in come on cosmetics. Fragrance was very important in the area, as the women didn't shower daily. Also important was natural ingredients, of which the women recognized oils more than extracts. Extracts from the area include aloe, Devil's Claw, kigelia and rooibus. Meanwhile beobab is an important oil from the area. Concerning actives, the women noticed vitamins A, C and E were in their products but didn't know about the other actives. Buchwald-Werner recommended to formulate products for South Africa with natural ingredients (specifically oils), the right fragrance, for multiple ethnicities, with moisturizing claims and with a compelling marketing for high performance actives.

The event's In-Focus section centered on Sustainable Beauty. Beraca set up a presentation at In-Focus discussing its sustainable cultivation of acai.

Gattefosse presented its new resveratrol at the show, Malt Secrets, that is derived from barley through a special brewer process that results in a high antioxidant content.

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