Sun Protection Conference Finalizes Program

The Royal Society has finalized the program of papers and speakers for its 9th International Conference, Sun Protection: Myths and Reality. The 2-day conference will be held on June 6-7, 2007 in London and will feature presentations by experts from the UK, Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, giving an overview and update on the current status of sun protection and sun product development.

The European Commission recommendations for sun products reportedly will be a focus of the second session of the conference, with presentations from Debra Redbourn of dR Cosmetic Regulations and Ian Parsons from the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Testing and labeling will be covered by Heiner Gers Berlag from Beiersdorf and Michael Brown from Boots. International initiatives on testing will be presented by Richard Van Buuren from the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and Farah Ahmed from the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association.

The first session will host papers from sun protection experts such as Brian Diffey from the University of Newcastle, Steve Taylor from Dox Products Ltd. and Hans Wulf from the University of Copenhagen. In addition, other topics will be discussed such as skin cancer and prevention, presented by Rebecca Russell of Cancer Research; photodermatoses and sunscreens, presented by Rik Roelandts of the University Hospital Leuven; sun exposure and perception of age, health and attractiveness; presented by Paul Matts of Procter & Gamble; and sun protection and climate change, presented by Ann Webb of the Centre fro Atmospheric Science.

Johann W Wiechers from the University of London & JW solutions will speak on formulating for efficacy in sun products. Similarly, Helene Hine of Croda Chemicals Europe will present on sun care formulating strategies in a changing regulatory environment.

Product testing, the effects of UV on photostability of sunscreens and the action spectrum of free radical production of human skin will be the topics for the third session. The fourth session will focus on strategies of optimizing sun product formulation while maintaining their safety.

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