Symrise Jumpstarts Perfumer Training

Symrise will be training perfumers again. On April 1, 2007, the company will begin its formal perfumer training. The program will start off will five young perfumers who reportedly have demonstrated their aptitude in a demanding selection process.

The companies that merged to form Symrise, Dragoco and Haarman & Reimer, both hosted perfumery schools. However, this April will be the first time since the merger in 2002 that the unified company will train perfumers.

Students will complete a three-year program, most of which will take place at the Symrise sites in Holzminden and Paris. The program will include studying aroma chemicals in depth, learning how to develop important perfume structures and acquiring special knowledge of different forms of applications.

The program will consist of academic studies and application-oriented work. Egon Oelkers, senior perfumer at Symrise, will head the program.

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