ICMAD Addresses Technical, Regulatory Issues at California Meeting

The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors Association (ICMAD) held a technical/regulatory forum for the first time in California on Feb. 23, 2006, at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach. Penni Jone, executive director, welcomed attendees, explaining that the technical forum was developed in response to members’ requests to have a more business and technical-orientated program to supplement ICMAD’s U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) workshop, which is being held this year in New York City on April 27.

ICMAD second vice president and chair of the technical/regulatory/legislative committee, Carl Geffken (Carl Geffken Consultants), welcomed attendees and presented, “Cosmetics Versus Drugs–The Difference is Crucial.” He reviewed the basic differences in both definitions and responsibilities for manufacturers and marketers. He also discussed international regulations and global compliance issues, covering the difference between FDA rules and noted that while the U.S. takes a more legalistic approach, Canada and the EU use more philosophical language in their regulations.

Tom Raffy, president of GAR Labs, spoke about “Contract Manufacturing and Tips for the Customer.” Raffy noted that the relationship between the contract manufacturer and marketer should be based on product quality and customer service, not solely on price. Craig Weiss, president of Consumer Product Testing, presented, “Claims Support and Testing Lab Responsibilities.” He said there are no FDA safety or efficacy standards for cosmetic products, so industry standards prevail.

Sheila Sebor, associate executive director and the technical/regulatory/legislative committee member, spoke briefly about the resources available to ICMAD members thought the Chicago office. She also showed attendees how to navigate the Internet to find authoritative sites with accurate information on cosmetic regulations, including several FDA web pages and Internet sites for the state of California, Health Canada, the EU and the Japanese Health Ministry’s Cosmetic Standards.

Patty Schmucker, ICMAD board member and president of Performance Branding Services, spoke about the current state of California cosmetic legislation. She gave a history of several California bills that attempted to regulate the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, including A.B. 2025, S.B. 2012, A.B. 908 and finally S.B. 484, which recently was passed by the California legislature and signed by the governor.

David Steinberg, board member and president of Steinberg & Associates, gave attendees his perspective on what the California Safe Cosmetic Act of 2005 actually means to cosmetic companies. His opinion is that the interpretation will end up in the courts and “the great state of California will spend tons of dough to decide what is meant.” He wrapped up the forum by discussing the necessity for companies to hold an address in the EU for export. This address is where the Product Information Package is available for inspection by competent authorities. He recommended using ICMAD’s address in Brussels, Belgium, instead of using the distributor’s or customer’s addresses.

For more information about ICMAD, visit the organization Web site at www.icmad.org.

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