Wiechers to Substantiate 'Mind' Claims at ATC Barcelona

"Really Getting Under Your Skin: How to Substantiate a 'Mind” Claim" will be presented by Johann Wiechers, Ph.D., at C&T's upcoming Advanced Technology Conference (ATC)-Barcelona.  "We all know that we can use a Corneometer to measure the increased water content of human skin after the application of a moisturising cream," says Wiechers in his abstract.

The claims that can be based on this type of work are called ‘matter’ claims as they are all made on hard, tangible matter. Helped by the advent of aromatherapy and the discovery that skin cells directly influence our central nervous system and vice versa, the cosmetic industry has discovered the benefits that cosmetic products may bring to our mental well-being, claims Wiechers.

"The use of such products can improve our Quality of Life. But our well-being or Quality of Life is no longer a physical subject on which a meter can be placed to measure an improvement." So, Wiechers asks, "Are such claims therefore nonsense or is there real science behind such ‘mind’ claims?"

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