Sensient Cosmetic Technologies Becomes Sensient Beauty

Pictured: New Sensient Beauty logo
Pictured: New Sensient Beauty logo
Image source: Sensient Beauty

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies has rebranded and changed its name to Sensient Beauty. 

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This change stems from 2018 when new beauty opportunities catering to shifting consumer interests began to arise. Skin care products began outpacing color cosmetic innovation; naturalness and safety attributes moved to the forefront; and demand for hair care products and multisensory beauty experiences such as products with innovative textures increased. 

Sensient’s prior brand largely focused on the color cosmetic segment of the beauty and personal care market in North America and Europe. The prior brand also primarily focused on the end makeup market, especially during the cosmetic years of 2013-2017, while maintaining an active innovation pipeline for skin and hair care products with a focus on naturalness and sustainability.

Mike Geraghty, president of Sensient Color’s group, said: “The constant evolution of colors, textures and ingredients in the personal care market is a beautiful thing and pairs nicely with Sensient’s strengths and innovation—we are continually evaluating the market and consumer trends to develop products that address changing preferences and needs. The amount of sensory opportunities within this market is tremendous.”

Gaelle Frere, global general manager for Sensient Beauty, said: “Asian skin care routines and textures always migrate to the United States and Europe. We decided it was time to take the knowledge we gained in the Asia-Pacific [region] and deploy it globally."

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