L'Oréal Eyes Clarins

L'Oréal is rumored to be eyeing Groupe Clarins as a possible acquisition. This rumor has been built up through a series of events, starting with the death of Clarins' founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins in March, who was opposed to the sale of his company.

Olivier and Christian Courtin-Clarins, the sons of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, soon took over the company after their father's death and squashed any rumors that they were to sell the company.

Recently,  Clarins reported a 12.4% drop in net profits for the first half of 2007, once again fueling rumors that it would be the ideal target for purchase. L'Oréal has announced that it plans to make one large acquisition or a number of medium acquisitions, but has not specified as to which ones.

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