NaturalNano to License US Naval Nanotube Technologies

NaturalNano Inc., a developer of nanomaterials and additive technologies, announced it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) spanning multiple industries and broad patents in controlled-release nanomaterials. According to the company, the agreement covers 10 patents and opens up an array of controlled-release applications across a broad range of market segments.

“This agreement is a great milestone for us,” said Cathy Fleischer, PhD, president and chief technical officer of NaturalNano, in a press release. “It represents another step in our strategic plan to commercialize products across a diverse range of markets. … The opportunity to take NRL’s research to market and capitalize on the potential inherent in controlled-release applications immediately multiplies our market potential.”

Under the license agreement, NaturalNano has been granted rights to patents in several fields, including cosmetics, fragrances, agriculture, electronics and local drug delivery fields. The patents cover proprietary usage of nanotubes, including naturally occurring nanotubes found in halloysite, which reportedly have a unique hollow tube structure that allows chemicals, additives or other materials to be added to the inside of the tubes, creating a slow or controlled release of the material.

Controlled release offers significant advantages in such industries as cosmetics, where it can enhance products such as sunscreen to increase the length of protection, extend the life and aromatic properties of fragrances or improve the effectiveness of moisturizers and antiaging material.

The company also noted potential in the diverse agrichemical industry, where there is demand for applications that enhance the effectiveness and duration of fertilizers and pesticides. Under the terms of the agreement, NaturalNano will bring the Navy’s licensed inventions to market in 11 industrial fields.

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