Greentech Acquires Neighboring Facility to Expand Production

Greentech has acquired a modern building next to its own headquarters in St. Beauzire, France, to expand its production facility and capabilities. The new structure extends its headquarters by 1, 100m2.

As part of the expansion, the former warehouse has moved to a new storage area of 550 m2. Also, 500 m2 of offices are partially transformed in the company's new labs as many new developments are in progress.

After the construction is complete, the company will have increased its production area by 500 m2. The company's manufacturing ability will also be increased due to the acquisition of additional tools such as a continuous extractor, a 3700I reactor and a 10 m3 extraction vessel.

This production expansion will  creates various job opportunities with the company; therefore, those interested in joining the Greentech team are encouraged to e-mail the company.

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