New Skin Lightening Actives Are Just a Trail Away

The anti-aging market has soared in recent years to become one of the biggest earning segments for the cosmetic industry, and next to wrinkle reducing, skin whitening/lightening is one of its most common claims, especially in the Asian cosmetics market.

Yet, effective skin whitening ingredients are hard to find, and some skin lightening ingredients have been found irritating. Katie Anderson, associate editor for Cosmetics & Toiletries, aimed to ease this process when she teamed up with in-cosmetics Asia (held Nov. 4-6, 2014 in Bangkok) to create the Skin Whitening Trail.

This trail is a group of innovative skin whitening/lightening ingredients chosen by Anderson that will be promoted at the show. These ingredients were chosen from many for their unique combination of ingredients and/or delivery systems, creative sourcing of raw materials or original mechanism of action. Those interested in the skin whitening are encouraged to check out the trail, either at the show or online. Others can find additional, complementary trails such as the Anti-ageing Trail and the Japanese Trail on the show's website.

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