Cosmetics Clusters Launch Global Network

The Global Cosmetic Cluster represents more than 3,700 companies in the beauty industry, across five continents.
The Global Cosmetic Cluster represents more than 3,700 companies in the beauty industry, across five continents.

Fifteen clusters and national associations for cosmetics and perfumery have announced the official launch of the Global Cosmetics Cluster—an international network representing the whole value chain of the beauty industry.

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The network's representation includes: the extraction of ingredients, raw materials, formulation, manufacturing, packaging, finished products, distribution and logistics, engineering/machine tools, assembly lines, testing and analysis/quality control, services, research and training.

The purpose of the new meta cluster is to increase international collaboration for business and research purposes by creating opportunities for networking and partnerships, thereby helping its members to grow.

Representing more than 3,700 companies across five continents, the new entity includes 15 founding members:

  • Cosmetic Valley - France

  • Beauty Cluster - Spain

  • Canadian Cosmetic Cluster - Canada

  • Associação Empresarial da Beira Baixa - Portugal

  • Beautéville - China

  • Cluster Menara - Morocco

  • Corporación Biontropic - Columbia

  • Detic - Belgium/Luxembourg

  • Cosmetics Cluster UK - United Kingdom

  • International Beauty Industry Trade Association - South Korea

  • Independent Beauty Association - United States

  • Innov'Alliance - France

  • Japan Cosmetic Center - Japan

  • Taiwan Beauty Valley - Taiwan

  • Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences - Thailand

The association’s board is chaired by Cosmetic Valley (France) as president. Beauty Cluster (Spain) serves as treasurer and the Canadian Cosmetics Cluster, secretary. Cosmetics Cluster UK completes the board.

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Marc-Antoine Jamet, president of Cosmetic Valley, said: "Global Cosmetics Cluster was founded and launched by Cosmetic Valley in 2016 to unite our strengths and resources, to share good practice in cosmetics, and to work on common projects. And this process will be all the more important in the context of the sanitary crisis that is bringing along new challenges, fostering a new balance of power in the cosmetics sector at global level, with new competitors, but also new opportunities.

"The challenges are difficult to overcome. We need to face them together. Global Cosmetics Cluster was set up to empower each of its members and make us collectively stronger. I am very tempted to quote the old Henry Ford, the iconic figure of a precedent industrial revolution, who used to say: 'Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success.' Let’s keep together and deepen our cooperation!"

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