Kao Increases Fatty Alcohol Capability in the Philippines

Kao Corp. completed the construction at its Pilipinas Kao Inc. (PKI) business in the Philippines to enhance production capacity for fatty alcohols. The enhancement in production capacity at PKI was implemented to meet growing demand for fatty alcohols centering on the Asian region.

After completion, PKI's production capacity of fatty alcohols has increased to approximately 1.4 times compared with the previous production. Efficient and high-quality production of fatty alcohols has been achieved at PKI by taking advantage of Kao's alcohol production technology employing proprietary catalysts that make a lower impact on the environment. Kao is proud of having one of the world's largest production capacities of fatty alcohols in the group's production bases located in the Philippines and Malaysia.

By increasing production capacity at PKI at this time, Kao has established further stable supply systems. To achieve profitable growth on a global basis, Kao has formulated Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2015 (K15), in which the company upholds "Reinforce the Chemical Business" as one of its growth strategies. Specifically, in addition to raising production capacity at PKI, a new plant at PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals was completed in July, and at the end of 2014, a plant of Kao (Shanghai) Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. currently under construction in the Jinshan district of Shanghai will be completed. Kao continues to promote investment in production facilities in the chemical business and strives to secure a stable supply of chemical products for the industrial sector.

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