Azelis to Distribute CareSil Siliconesin France, Italy, Benelux and Canada

Azelis has been named the distributor for NuSil Technology LLC's personal care silicone line, CareSil, in France, Italy, Benelux and Canada.

Since the early 2000s, Azelis has consolidated nearly 40 specialist distribution companies throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, India and China to create one streamlined, internationally represented organization. Still retaining a local focus, the business is driven by dedicated sales and technical teams who understand the specific needs of their markets. NuSil, therefore, finds Azelis qualified to support CareSil in customer care from start to finish according to formulators’ needs.

“NuSil has no doubt CareSil will benefit from Azelis’ excellent reputation within the skin care market, especially in Europe,” said Michel Bassens, marketing and sales director for skin care at NuSil. “We are honored to have Azelis’ help in penetrating the personal care market in France, Italy, Benelux and Canada with this new brand.”

“With CareSil’s unparalleled silicone technology coupled with Azelis’ personal care expertise, I am certain that the new materials for skin care will be a strong addition to our portfolio and will enable our customers to develop high performance products in the countries mentioned,” noted Gillian Berry, head of corporate communications for Azelis.

CareSil silicones for skin care, color cosmetics and sun care are categorized within Azelis’ personal care offerings as functional ingredients.

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