Naturex and University of Avignon Establish Eco-friendly Extraction Lab

Naturex and the University of Avignon have created a joint research laboratory for exploring eco-friendly extraction processes. The new unit, Optimization and Research on Extraction Technologies and Alternative Solvents (ORTESA), aims to better understand the principles of eco-friendly extraction.

The principle of eco-friendly extraction is relatively new to the industry. The process incorporates sustainability in all the steps that are critical for extraction: choice of the solvent or technologies, utilization of by-products, reduction of unitary operations and limitation of chemical alteration of botanical extracts.

The joint research laboratory will be co-headed by Antoine Bily, R&D director of Naturex, and Professor Farid Chemat, who is also in charge of the GREEN research laboratory at the University of Avignon. The GREEN research team is a leading academic laboratory that investigates innovative technologies for botanical extraction. Leaders in their respective fields, Naturex and GREEN have decided to combine their skills and experience.

The ORTESA laboratory is part of Naturex’s global R&D plan for innovation and applied research that combines industrial expertise, cost in use and sustainable practices. The laboratory will be fully operational by October 2013. The Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR) has granted funding for the creation of this joint laboratory under the LabCom program. Selected together with six other dossiers among more than 100 entries, ORTESA will be granted €300,000 to fund laboratory operations over the next three years.

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