Genomatica Moves into Bio F&F, Home and Industrial Space, Expands Green Personal Care Reach


Genomatica, a leader in bio-based chemicals such as butylene glycol, has acquired certain assets of the life sciences division of Renewable Energy Group (REG), Inc., the largest supplier of advanced biofuels in North America.

Genomatica reported it will use these assets to develop a wider range of sustainable chemicals for everyday materials and products. The acquisition gives the company its third major product platform, and will allow it to extend into household and industrial cleaning products, as well as flavors and fragrances. In addition, it with grow the company's ingredients for the personal care, apparel and packaging markets.

Genomatica noted it also will work with ExxonMobil to progress the research program for advanced biofuels from biomass initiated at REG along with Clariant, which recently joined the collaboration.

“Consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow, and successful companies will increasingly switch to ingredients that reduce harm to the environment and work with partners with shared values,” said Christophe Schilling, Genomatica’s CEO. “This acquisition adds powerful technology and talent to help Genomatica enhance the sustainability of everyday products.”

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