Nail Polish and Skin Care Drive US Personal Care Growth

The US personal care market is on the rise, according to a report by Kline & Company. The report, Cosmetics & Toiletries USA, valued the market at US $38 billion, representing a growth of 4.2% in 2011. The report found growth in nail polishes, facial treatments, men's care and luxury fragrances.

Nail polishes grew nearly 30% in 2011, driven by new trends such as bold colors and special effects and innovation in application techniques such as sticker and magnetic nail polish. Eye makeup saw a strong growth in 2011, supported by the "smokey eye" trend, with eye liner, eye shadow and mascara all seing growth.

Skin care growth was propelled by facial treatments, although men’s skin care also grew due to line expansions to offer men's products.

Although the US personal care market grew in 2011, the professional product category saw little growth, which is attributed to the consumer's desire to spend less on professional services and more on at-home treatments. Although consumers are spending less on professional services, the report found them to be spending more on premium cosmetic products.

Women's fragrances grew in 2011, with luxury fragrances growing more than 10%. According to the report, niche fragrances were a new trend in 2011, while celebrity scents saw substantial declines. Kline’s consumer research found that 56% of Hispanics use perfume or cologne regularly, compared to 32% of the non-Hispanic population. Furthermore, about half of African Americans use perfumes or colognes regularly, compared to one-third of Caucasians and Asians in the United States.

Kline projects skin care and color cosmetics to maintain high growth over the next five years. The company anticipates growth in multifunctional products that deliver results, natural-derived products and eco-responsible products.

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