NuSil to Expand Westward, Increase Polymer Production

NuSil Technology LLC, a leader in silicone materials for the health care, aerospace, pharmaceutical, aircraft and drug delivery industries, announced plans for a major facility and capacity expansion in Bakersfield, California.

“This facility expansion will result in increased employment opportunities across many functional areas at NuSil Technology’s Bakersfield campus,” said Bill Klansek, vice president of manufacturing, in a press statement. One of the new buildings will significantly increase the company's polymer processing capacity while adding warehouse space.

Another building, at approximately 35,000 square feet, is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in September 2012. This structure will become the center for quality assurance (QA), human resources and engineering, and will feature an enlarged QA testing laboratory and expanded office facilities.

“The goal of this campus expansion is to increase plant capacity by three to four times over the next few years,” said Jim Yabsley, vice president of engineering, in a press statement.

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