Collaboration Established for Acne Vaccine Development

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, has entered into an R&D collaboration with the University of California, San Diego, on an immunological approach to acne prevention and treatment targeting the specific neutralization of Propionibacterium acnes factors in inflammation.

According to Sanofi, antibiotic treatment of acne can lead to resistant strains of P. acnes. Therefore, it will develop an investigational vaccine for the condition.

“This opportunity could provide an immunotherapeutic product with significant benefits and a novel mechanism of action to address an unmet medical need,” according to Elias Zerhouni, MD, president of global R&D for Sanofi, in a company press release. “This investigational vaccine and treatment may lead to a better solution for the many who suffer from this skin disease.”

According to Sanofi Pasteur’s estimates, the annual worldwide market for acne therapeutics is in excess of US $3 billion.

The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The agreement includes a two-year research collaboration with Chun-Ming Huang, PhD, and his associates at UC San Diego School of Medicine for further R&D.

If a successful vaccine for P. acnes was developed, it would certainly affect the OTC acne treatment market, a large part of the personal care market.

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