Clariant Partners with Kitozyme for Biopolymer Offering

Clariant has expanded its sustainable portfolio through a partnership with KitoZyme, from which it will offer its customers white biotechnology products for personal care as part of the Clariant portfolio.

The complete range of effective, sustainable and sensory enhancing biopolymers for personal care applications of KitoZyme will be available from October 2011 under Clariant trade names Vitipure, Zenvivo and Velsan. The biopolymers are extracted from secured vegetal source and reaches a benchmark for the production of vegetal chitosan, chitin-glucan and their derivatives. By-product valorization demonstrates that they are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

In production, the biopolymers are modular and sequenced so that each intermediate product is isolated and purified before moving to the next stage, ensuring pure and ultra-pure grade units. Overall, they facilitate the effective management of cost, quality, flexibility, traceability, molecular characteristics and specifications. Sourced by selected suppliers that meet requirements in terms of purity, microbiological quality and traceability, they are produced from fully renewable, non-GMO and traceable fungi, by-products of biotech and food industry, these biopolymers comply with GMP (FDA and EMEA), HACCP and ISO9001: 2008.

"Developing new industrial processes based on the ‘biorefinery’ concept is a clear trend in the white biotech sector. A biorefinery increases the profitability along the value chain and helps white biotech companies to be more environment-friendly and more sustainable. With countless numbers of microorganisms currently produced by the different actors of the white biotech, biorefinery offers many excellent opportunities for product innovation. Moreover, thanks to our proprietary processes, they offer the double advantage of by-product valorization and generation of efficient ingredients in a cost-effective, highly reproducible and safe way,” noted Hugues Bultot, CEO at KitoZyme, in a Clariant press release.



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