Siltech Acquires Rhodia's Mississauga Plant

Siltech Corp. has acquired Rhodia’s manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Canada. The 113,000ft2 plant is situated on eight acres of land and is equipped with highly specialized chemical reactors, bulk storage and rail road facilities.

Siltech will retain Rhodia’s 42 employees and will continue to manufacture Rhodia’s products under a long-term contract. This acquisition reportedly offers Siltech large additional manufacturing capacity with skilled people, which the company needs for its long term growth.

Siltech’s present manufacturing and research facility in Toronto will continue to operate as it’s headquarters. Siltech's organo-modified silicone surfactants and functionalized silicone polymers are used in personal care, polyurethane foam, inks and coatings, plastics, car care and many other industrial applications.

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