Merck Opens Cosmetic Technology Center in Darmstadt

Merck KGaA has opened a new Cosmetic Technology Center (CTC) at its Darmstadt site in Germany. The new laboratories and seminar rooms will inform customers about the various applications for pearl-luster pigments, functional fillers and cosmetic actives, and ways to optimize formulations.

"An important component of our corporate philosophy is personal customer proximity in the form of first-class technical service and in-depth consultation," explained Klaus Bischoff, head of performance and life science chemicals, Merck KGaA, in a press statement. "The CTC thus represents an important milestone on our path to establishing a global network of technology and training centers."

According to the company, the CTC offers modern technologies with spacious laboratories and optimally equipped rooms for seminars and meetings. This will be accompanied by an expansion of applications-related services. Customers can participate in customer workshops including presentations, laboratory demonstrations and hands-on testing to provide insight into the latest cosmetic innovations.

The CTC furthermore offers customized seminars that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of individual customers. Here, customers can test effect pigments, functional fillers, UV filters and innovative active ingredients in novel applications, allowing them to get the most from their cosmetic product.The company adds that, in terms of areas of interest, the applications center covers everything from sunscreen formulations and antiaging creams to color cosmetic applications in facial powders and eye shadows. 

The Cosmetic Technology Center in Darmstadt works closely with six other Merck technology centers around the world, comprising Paris (France); Savannah, Georgia (United States); Gibbstown, New Jersey (United States); Taipei (Taiwan); Shanghai (China); and São Paulo (Brazil). Each of these centers has a different focus, which creates a unique synergy of expertise from the fields of fillers/active ingredients and effect pigments. The company adds that customers will profit from the latest knowledge in both specialties and have access to global trends.

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