BASF Presents Nature-oriented Trends


During Cosmetagora 2018, BASF presented its new Be authentic concept, addressing two nature-oriented lifestyle collections along with a new high performance broad-spectrum UV filter ingredient. The Be authentic collections were inspired by the latest beauty trends, according to Peclers, a French trend consulting agency.

The cosmetics sector is currently experiencing major change,” said Marine Belthé, BASF personal care Europe. “More and more consumers are looking for products that fit in with an authentic, back-to-nature lifestyle. Our Be authentic concept gives manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products ideas on how to create rich, nature-inspired all-in-one formulations for beauty products on the go.”

Mediterranean Influences

One of the collections is Mediterranean Influences, which consists of textures and effective sun protection based on BASF’s UV filter solutions.

The following are included in this collection:

  • Gentle Olive Scrub: prepares the skin before sun exposure
  • Dry Sensation Protecting Oil SPF 30: protects the skin against UV radiation
  • Lite Sun Matrix Fluid SPF 50+: protects the skin against UV radiation
  • Gourmet Body Balm: nourishes the skin after sunbathing

Experimental Nomad

The other collection is the Experimental Nomad, consisting of all-in-one compact formulations, which can be used for on-the-go beauty.

The following are included in this collection:

  • 2 in 1 Wash Gel: nature-inspired dual-purpose shampoo and shower gel
  • All Purpose Moisture Fluid: suitable for both face and body offers a dry-touch effect
  • Cataplasm Water Jelly: a gel to help refresh and revitalize
  • High Performance Sun Matrix Fluid SPF 50+: supports the nomad way of sun protection

Tinosorb S Lite Aqua

In addition to the collections, BASF presented Tinosorb S Lite Aqua (INCI: Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine (and) Polymethyl Methacrylate), which enables the creation of light formulations.

This ingredient is a high performance broad-spectrum UV filter, suitable for skin care applications such as anti-aging face care and sun protection products.

This ingredient is the water-dispersible form of the oil-soluble counterpart, Tinosorb S, allowing cosmetic manufacturers to reduce the UV filter load in the oil phase for more formulation flexibility and lighter formulations. The technology behind this ingredient brings broad-band UV protection to the water phase.

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