Three Hundred Companies to Re-formulate

More than 300 cosmetics and body care products companies reportedly have signed the "Compact for the Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products," which means the re-formulation of their products containing ingredients that have raised health concerns in the industry.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, an active coalition of U.S.-based health and environmental groups, recently announced it has more than tripled the number of companies that have signed the agreement in the past year, which it says signals a shift toward healthier products in the cosmetics industry.

According to the report, those that have signed include: The Body Shop, Burt's Bees, Avalon Natural Products, Aubrey Organics, Osea Skin Care, Jason Natural Products, Zia Skin Care, EO Products and Kiss My Face. The names of all signing companies can be found at:

According to the campaign group, the agreement requires that manufacturers meet several criteria, including:

  • Meeting new EU standards banning chemicals potentially linked to cancer and birth defects globally;
  • Conducting an inventory of all ingredients to determine whether they use chemicals that pose health hazards including cancer, hormone disruption, genetic mutation, reproductive toxicity, developmental harm and neurotoxicity;
  • Implementing substitution plans that replace chemicals of concern with safer alternatives; and
  • Reporting on their progress in meeting these goals to the public.
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