Plastics Company Expands Range of Polymers

MPT is a US-based start-up company that commercialized PARMAX(R), a distinctive family of specialty materials that expands Solvay Advanced Polymers portfolio of ultra-performance polymers. This follows the


recent announcement of the Solvay Group's intent to purchase the Polymers Division of Gharda Chemicals in .


PARMAX(R) is a family of transparent amorphous materials that is comparable to semi-crystalline materials.


Solvay Advanced Polymers plans to integrate the PARMAX(R) product line with other ultra-performance polymers within the company's operating unit headquartered in

Alpharetta, Ga. , which include polyamide-imide (TORLON(R)),polyether ketones (PEEK), and transparent high-temperature sulfone polymers.



Solvay Advanced Polymers



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