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SLIDESHOW: Guidelines for Free 2018 C&T Editorial Opportunities

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  • Supplier Roundtable

    The Supplier Roundtable invites acknowledged experts in the field to discuss solutions to formulating challenges--provided by C&T each month--in approximately 300 words or less. Suppliers participating in this series may refer to the company's trade names, but please also include INCI names. Additionally, the response should focus on the science and refrain from heavy product promotion. Please also include the name and title of the author as he/she/they would like to see it written. View the 2018 editorial calendar for different themes covered each month. Click here for an example of the Supplier Roundtable.

    To participate in this opportunity, please reach out to Brooke at bschleehauf@allured.com.

  • Hakan Sevinc

    Ones to Watch: If you’re an expert in the industry and would like to nominate an up-and-coming innovator to be featured, please send his or her name, affiliation, contact information and your reason for nominating this individual. C&T will reach out to the nominee and let him or her know about the nomination and opportunity to participate for free. If he or she is interested, the nominee will fill out a questionnaire and return it with a 300 dpi (hi-res) headshot and a short biography. Click here for an example of Ones to Watch.

    To participate in this opportunity, please reach out to Brooke at bschleehauf@allured.com.

  • Mark Chandler

    The Lab Lessons column features seasoned formulators in the industry, which C&T will interview in a Q&A. Your hands-on experience and knowledge will be shared with folks in cosmetics and personal care, which can benefit both novices and industry veterans. Click here for an example of Lab Lessons.

    To participate in this opportunity, please reach out to Brooke at bschleehauf@allured.com.

  • Handshake
    We are consistently open to receiving company/people news to be featured online. Click here for a list of our ongoing news items for examples.

    To participate in this opportunity, please reach out to Jennifer at jnovoseletsky@allured.com.

  • Gold woman

    Tech Launches is a monthly column in the C&T magazine featuring the latest technologies and ingredients. To participate in this opportunity, submit a newly launched ingredient or technology—no older than six months please—to be featured online using the form below. The ingredients included in Tech Launches are at the editor’s discretion.

    Click here to submit new ingredients.

  • Chemist on computer

    For those submitting new ingredients, please also add them to the Cosmetic Bench Reference (CBR). This is a free database system for suppliers to list not only their companies, but also formulations and ingredients. To register a company, click, “I’m new and want to list my company.” Everything submitted to the database will be activated by an editor, who updates the CBR weekly. Please note the CBR must be worked in manually (no PDF uploads) and is also sensitive, so be careful not to hit the space bar too many times! The CBR is ongoing and has no deadlines.

    Click here to login or create an account.

Throughout 2018, Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) is offering a variety of free editorial opportunities. A quarterly email will be sent with the deadlines. View the 2018 editorial calendar for references such as ad deadlines, featured topics, the theme of the month and other offerings. Everything included online will be featured in the daily newsletter. Subscribe for free here. It takes less than one minute.

Note that publication is not guaranteed and your response will be edited as needed.

Reach out to Brooke at bschleehauf@allured.com with any questions or for submissions.



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