[video] NAD+ and Longevity as the Latest Anti-aging Target

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Mindfulness, fitness trends and holistic wellness approaches have permeated the skin care market, according to Franziska Wandrey, Ph.D., head of research at Mibelle Biochemistry. This, added to scientific and medical advances in the field of longevity, have driven consumer interest in tools to optimize their lifestyles and extend their health span, i.e., the healthy period of their lives.

One tool drawing interest is the so-called health molecule nicotinamide adenine denucleotide (NAD+); this is due in part to influencers such as Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner promoting NAD+ intravenous infusions for health benefits. The molecule is used throughout the body as a coenzyme in energy metabolism and numerous other processes but its levels decrease with age, as do the levels of a specific enzyme enabling the recycling of NAD+.

For skin care, Mibelle Biochemistry's latest ingredient, RejuveNAD, derived from sustainable sunflower sprouts, aims to enhance NAD+ in skin by boosting the enzyme that recycles it. This, in turn, increases energizing processes, protects the skin and also restarts rejuvenating processes. Wandrey explains, in this sponsored interview.

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