[digital roundtable] Forces Influencing Cosmetic Formulating: Social Media, Regulations and Technical Constraints

U Cinn Digital Roundtable June 2024 External Forces Affecting Formulating
This video is sponsored by: University of Cincinnati

In this Digital Roundtable, sponsored by the University of Cincinnati (U Cinn), Prof. K.P. Ananth, Ph.D., director of the cosmetic science program at the university, along with Penny Anderson, Ava Perkins and Stephanie Rodriguez discuss external forces the influence formulating.

Anderson is a current student in the MS cosmetic science program at U Cinn, while Perkins is doing her PhD in Pharm Sciences and has a BS in cosmetic science from the University of Toledo. Rodriguez graduated from the U Cinn MS program last spring (in 2023). 

Topics covered here include the good, bad and ugly of social media, regulatory constraints and opportunities, and technical constraints in formulation. The panelists also predict what future forces could affect formulating. Register now to watch and learn more; it's free.

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