[video] Zero Gravity-inspired Secrets to Align Anti-sagging Forces in Skin

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According to Thibault Marchand, biological support for Seppic, anti-aging is still the main skin care market regardless of region, and it is projected for continued growth thanks to emerging markets and an aging population, among other factors. An increased understanding of skin's biological needs has also revealed targeted secondary anti-aging segments, such as wrinkles or sagging.

In terms of the latter, gravity pulls on skin, flattening and loosening it. To gain a better understanding of this action, Seppic observed the behavior of plants in zero gravity at the International Space Station. Researchers found the plants produced specific polar lipids to maintain the plants' structure and function; they hypothesized  these polar lipids could have a similar impact on skin.

Identifying that Himanthalia elongata algae is rich in polar lipids, Seppic developed its Sagacious ingredient (INCI: Propanediol (and) Himanthalia Elongata Extract), which can act on multiple layers of skin to provide holistic anti-sagging effects. Marchand explains, in this sponsored interview. He also details future directions for this ingredient, as well as anti-aging market growth and dynamics overall.

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