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Pore Size a Growing Concern

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According to L'Oréal Paris, more women than ever are fixated on the size of their pores. In a poll of more than 2,000 adults conducted in February 2014 by Harris Poll, on behalf of L'Oréal, 45% of the women wished they could change the size of their pores. Also, 28% of the women were more concerned about their pore size than wrinkles. This concern has led dermatologists to coin the term porexia, referring to those having a neurosis over their pores and pore size.

Additional findings included: 38% of the women felt their pores were too big—a number which rose to 48% among Latina women; 47% of American women would give up something in exchange for smaller pores (i.e., the consumption of alcohol, use of social media, even shaving their legs); and 19% of the women edited or filtered photos before posting them to social media, to hide skin imperfections.

Lastly, 73% of the women said they had not found a product that effectively shrinks their pore size. In relation, L'Oréal Paris introduced its Youth Code Pore Vanisher skin treatment to shrink pore size instantly and over time.

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