Active for repair and proactive protection of chemically damaged hair

Chemyunion Gci2205 Lead

With consumers' increasing concern for healthy habits, we see a desire emerging to not only be healthy, but also able to prove it.

Several attributes can be associated with healthy hair, among which the following stand out: shine, softness and mechanical resistance or capillary strength. These attributes can be easily lost during a transformation process, such as bleaching and hair dying, among others. Among these treatments, discoloration is the one that causes the most damage, leaving the strands more porous and with less resistance.

The need to repair the damage or prevent it is so present that the hair restoration market is expected to generate a global turnover of USD $12.2 billion by 2026. Hair repair and damage treatment can be understood as strength and health of the hair increased interest in the search for high performance solutions.

With a focus on protect and repair the hair fiber structure, during or after chemical transformation treatments, Chemyunion developed Restart PRO, a crosslinking active, obtained through biotechnology, 100% biodegradable, which acts through the mechanisms of repair and proactive protection of chemically damaged hair.

Discover Restart PRO and request a sample at:  https://bit.ly/3IDBm1k


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