Circular beauty through upcycling

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Back to basics

Getting back to basics today is by using simple and sustainable ingredients, but without sacrificing the performance. Historically, adoption of bio-based materials has been the result of a unique technical-but-cost-disadvantage. This is now changing due to accelerating corporate commitments to sustainability, as well as the ability of biobased materials to help companies meet consumer expectations. A bio-based revolution in chemicals is unfolding with enormous potential impacts. 

Social and environmental responsibilities 

It is more important than ever to look into raw material suppliers background, their mission and vision. Suppliers need to commit to people and planet and not just certifications. We can start by reducing and recycling what we already have.

Upcycling; Such as utilizing non-edible food production side stream to create cosmetic ingredients. Upcycling adds values, improves sustainability and minimize disposal of waste

Micro-plastic; There are still a lot of products being sold containing microplastics which create potential health risk and mostly will impact environment and end up in the ocean. 

Right ingredients, right partner

For the second year in a row, the entire Cosun Beet Company achieved EcoVadis platinum rating. It’s important for customers to know that they are choosing the right ingredients and doing business with a company that prioritizes sustainability. And we are continuing to be the bio-based experts.

Let’s start upcycling

QUATIN®: Naturally derived and sustainable conditioning cationic biopolymer from chicory root for hair care and skin care.  

QUATIN® - Our biobased portfolio | Biobased Experts (cosunbiobased.com)

CBP Inulin: Multi-functional pre-biotic provides wellness and gives benefits of balancing microbiome, humectant and moisturization.

CBP Inulin - Our biobased portfolio | Biobased Experts (cosunbiobased.com)

Betafib® ETD: Biobased suspending, stabilizing/structuring agent from sugar beet pulp. It can be an alternative to conventional polyacrylate and carbomer products.

Betafib® - Skincare - Personal Care - Markets | Biobased Experts (cosunbiobased.com) 


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