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Preservatives. A must in any personal care product in order to keep consumers safe. But how are they impacting the microbiota? Research has suggested that everyday cosmetics and commonly used preservatives in personal care products do in fact disturb the skin microbiotia.1, 2 This does not mean preservatives should not be used, though, since they are an essential in product and consumer safety. There is a prebiotic that can support the microbiota against the disturbance that happens to skin when exposed to preservatives while not altering the preservative efficacy in formulations. Additional benefits this prebiotic offers include superior skin hydration.

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preBIULIN AGA (INCI: Inulin) is a prebiotic that is a combination of two inulin types differing in molecular chain length. The inulin is extracted from chicory and agave and can only be metabolized by organisms carrying the inulinase enzyme.

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