Structurant Alternatives to Montan Wax for Personal Care

February 8, 2012 | Contact Author | By: Katie Schaefer
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Croda has launched two alternatives to montan wax for structuring products such as antiperspirants, lipsticks, sunscreens and massage oils. According to the company, there has been a global shortage and a subsequent price increase of montan wax, leaving cosmetic formulators to seek alternatives.

Syncrowax OSW (Oil Structuring Wax) (INCI: Tribehenin (and) Sorbitol/Sebacic Acid Copolymer Behenate) and Syncrowax ORM (Oil Rheology Modifier) (INCI: Sorbitol/Sebacic Acid Copolymer Behenate) are naturally derived from 100% renewable resources.

Syncrowax OSW is a supplied in an easy-to-use pastille and is compatible with a wide range of silicones, oils and waxes. It provides a gel network structure in oils and can increase the SPF of organic sunscreens. It is recommended at 5–15% in formulations, where it can function as a gelling agent, rheology modifier, SPF booster or thickening agent.

Syncrowax ORM, formerly Prisorine 3800, is a naturally derived polyester formed from sorbitol, sebacic acid and behenic acid. It provides significant SPF boosting and structures waxes and oils. It is recommended at 2–10% in formulations, where it can serve as a film-former, gelling agent, rheology modifier, SPF booster or thickening agent.