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Patent Pick: Super Absorbent Matrix Extends Fragrance Release

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Hydrogels of cross-linked macromolecules that are capable of forming a three-dimensional network have widely been disclosed. They absorb large quantities of water molecules inside their networks by osmotic forces, and are already being used in personal care for preparations such as pastes, lotions and creams.

According to a new patent application, in the field of perfumery, soft gels forming a three-dimensional matrix to entrap perfumes also have been disclosed. For example, one invention describes adding a perfume oil to an alcohol solution containing hydroxypropylcellulose with a saturated solution of dibenzylidenesorbitol in N-methyl-2-pyrrolidine.

However, PUIG inventors report there is still a need for improving prolonged release from polymeric products capable of super-absorbing alcoholic fragrances inside their matrix, for long lasting scents. The present invention addresses this need.

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Controlled release, cross-linked fragrance release
European Patent Application EP3192818
Publication date: July 19, 2017
Assignee: Antonio Puig, S.A.

This invention relates to the field of perfumery; more particularly, to the field of cosmetic products and air fresheners. It especially relates to a cross-linked shaped scented polymer for the controlled release of fragrance. The invention also relates to scented articles containing the cross-linked shaped product and a process for their preparation.

Specifically, the invention comprises: a) a cross-linked shaped polymer; and b) an alcoholic fragrance absorbed inside the polymer; wherein the cross-linked shaped scented product is capable of modifying its volume and maintaining its shape when the alcoholic fragrance is released. Said polymer is obtainable by a polymerization process carried out in a shaped mold.

Patent application accessed on July 19, 2017.

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