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Nano-biotech-embedded Wakamono Medical Mask Defends Against COVID-19

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Using nano-biotechnology, Lai Nam Hai invented an antibacterial medical mask using Gecide fabric to protect wearers against COVID-19.


Embedded with nano-sized antimicrobial biotechnology, Gecide fabric served as basis from which Wakamono Corp.'s founder and CEO, Lai Nam Hai, invented a medical mask to protect wearers against COVID-19.

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The mask, which launched in September 2020, meets ASTM F2100 Level 2 criteria and as noted, is made from Gecide fabric—an antibacterial smart fabric that integrates particles (details not disclosed) to prevent and destroy pathogenic bacteria while remaining safe for users. The parts of mask include a nose bridge to prevent sliding or fogging and a fluid protection membrane layer. It offers high permeability with little to no skin irritation.

Other mask specifications include: a filtration efficiency of ≥ 98% against strains including SARS-CoV-2, NL63, 229E and influenza A H1N1 poliovirus 1; sub-micron particulate filtration efficiency of ≥ 98%; differential pressure of < 5 H2O/cm2; splash resistance of 120 mmHg; and a Class 1 status in flame spread.

“Vietnam was one of the first few countries that implemented social distancing. Because of this, there wasn’t any careful preparation [to support] research [to] fight against the virus with remaining materials in the laboratory, testing reagents, [means to measure] the results, ... [or to] access available machines,” said Lai Nam Hai, founder, CEO and chairman at Wakamono Corp. and inventor of the mask.

“The most difficult [aspect of] this invention was ... its [necessary completion] as soon as possible, [and the inability] to buy any other materials or equipment due to worldwide restrictions. ... We [also] could not send samples for control testing. [But] in just 90 days, we were able to create [the mask], which would later be tested by labs across the globe.”

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