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BASF's Neutrol MGDA Chelating Agent Stabilizes Personal Care

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BASF's Neutrol MGDA is a sustainable, stable chelating agent that meets the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel.


BASF Care Creations has launched Neutrol MGDA (INCI: Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate)—a stable, eco-friendly chelating agent for personal care applications.

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As the company explains, chelating agents are used in cosmetic products to form stable complexes with metal ions, thereby inactivating their negative influences on the final formulation. By forming water-soluble complexes with polyvalent metal ions such as iron, manganese or copper, Neutrol MGDA binds metal ions efficiently. Due to its high temperature stability, the ingredient can be added at any step in the manufacturing process for cosmetic products.

Neutrol MGDA is suitable for various fields of application; from shower gels and liquid soaps to shampoos, styling products, baby cleansing products, skin creams and toothpaste. It is cold processable, stable over a wide pH range, readily biodegradable and contains no preservatives. Due to these sustainable characteristics it also meets the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel.

“During the production process, there are multiple ways metal ions can be introduced to formulations and affect their properties, such as durability,” stated Hans-Martin Haake, Ph.D., head of market development hair, body and oral care at BASF Personal Care Europe. “Therefore, complexing agents are essential for creating stable cosmetic products.”

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