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When Was the Last Time a Butter Truly Amazed You?

Jojoba Desert
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For a soft, silky feeling, and radiant, nourished skin, JD Jojoba Butter has got you covered. A natural base containing up to 80% of jojoba oil blended together with other natural waxes, this high-performance product enables you to benefit from the unique dermatological properties of our next generation JD Jojoba Oil in a convenient-to-use butter texture.

Apply directly to the skin as a non-sticky, quickly absorbed nourishing butter, or combine with other active ingredients, textures and aromas to create new and innovative cosmetic products that will truly amaze you and your customers.

Prepare to be amazed!

JD Jojoba Butter, Carrying your Care.

For more information or to receive complimentary samples please contact us at www.jojobadesert.com.



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