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Replacing Cyclomethicone? Meet Your Sustainable, No Compromise™ Solution

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Aprinnova’s award-winning Neossance® Hemisqualane was developed with a single goal in mind: make it easy and cost-effective for cosmetic formulators to replace liquid silicones without sacrificing exceptional performance or the environment. 

Today, top brands around the world already integrate Hemisqualane into products customers love.

Customers immediately notice Hemisqualane’s sensorial profile and spreadability (see for yourself, order a sample). That’s why it is ideal for dry-feel skin care and sun care applications. For hair care applications, it provides easy combing, color protection and a silky soft after feel. Hemisqualane even has excellent cleansing properties for makeup removal.  

But the magic of Hemisqualane is not just performance. Hemisqualane is sourced from sustainable sugarcane fermentation, making it a naturally derived product.  

Benefits include:

  • A light and dry after feel consumers prefer
  • Even application in color cosmetics, sun care and skin care products
  • Controls optimum play time
  • Naturally Derived labeling under ISO 16128 (96%) 
  • Corporate social responsibility 


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