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Relipidium – The Microb'eauty Technology

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BASF’s latest fermented bioactive, Relipidium™, maintains proper balance within the skin’s microbiome and perpetuates the production of key skin lipids, including ceramides, resulting in properly functioning skin barrier, reduction of inflammation, and improved hydration for beautiful, vibrant, healthy skin.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of the body’s microbiome and there is an increased understanding of the interactions of the microflora with the human body, including the skin, and the implications on one’s overall health and appearance. Relipidium™increases lipid synthesis, particularly ceramides (+93%), to improve and maintain barrier integrity. It improves skin defense and reduces inflammation caused by pathogenic bacteria. Relipidium™ is also clinically proven to improve the ratio of commensal (good) bacteria versus pathogenic (bad) bacteria to regulate skin balance, restore barrier function, increase hydration, and reduce water loss.

Formulations: Probiotic Moisture Lock



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