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Nordic Beauty Trend – Hygge, Lagom and More

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Homemade balm on lips decorated with daisy flowers

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Global lifestyles continue to influence the personal care industry. BASF’s Nordic Beauty Concept is inspired by northern European lifestyle trends – particularly the Danish “Hygge” and the Swedish “Lagom” lifestyles.

Danish Hygge (“cosiness”) captures a moment in time, a way to take a break in your daily life. Swedish Lagom (“'just the right amount”) is about you approach to your life as a whole.

Both lifestyles are suggestive of a soothing and relaxing approach to life.

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The BASF team has captured the essence of this lifestyle in the Nordic beauty concept in which the formulations are marked with oily and balmy textures that represent a caring and pampering skin and hair care routines.

Learn about our 5 concept formulations inspired by Nordic lifestyle here:

Nordic Beauty Concept by BASF



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