Preserving Nature—Sensiva® PA 40 is the Effective Choice to Protect Natural Emulsions [Free White Paper]

June 11, 2018 | By: Schulke
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Consumers want more natural cosmetics options, and more natural ingredients leads formulators to use natural oils and emollient esters with a higher polarity. With this in mind, schülke investigated the influence of oil phase polarity on the efficacy of preservatives and antimicrobial stabilizers. Test results of recent formulations show that emulsions with polar oil phases are more difficult to stabilize using modern, nontraditional preservation methods. schülke studies prove that an optimized combination, sensiva® PA 40, using synergism and boosting effects, is able to effectively stabilize these formulas against microbial contamination.

Download schülke’s white paper detailing the testing and results to find out more!


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