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Clean Beauty Formulating with Lubrizol’s Glucamate™ Thickeners

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Lubrizol’s Glucamate™ thickeners are naturally-derived viscosity builders, perfect for mild and clean surfactant cleansing systems. 

Glucamate™ CCO thickener: 93% plant derived by weight, this easy-to-use, fully cold-processable thickener is highly efficient in non-ethoxylated surfactant packages, including sulfate-free cleansing systems. It delivers a honey-like flow, excellent clarity and pleasant sensory in mild cleansers.

Glucamate™ DOE-120 thickener: Naturally derived and non-irritating to the eyes, this highly efficient thickener possesses broad compatibility in numerous anionic and amphoteric surfactant systems. Popular in baby washes and mild cleansers, it enables formulations with easy pour, aesthetically-pleasing foam, and a light afterfeel.

Glucamate™ VLT thickener: This very mild, naturally-derived, nonionic thickener reduces irritation associated with surfactants and can be used to create unique textures in cleansing systems. It also contributes to luxurious sensory properties and superior lather retention.

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