Cargill 'Sensed' It: You Need a Natural Skin Care Polymer

September 2, 2016 | Contact Author | By: Rachel Grabenhofer
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Keywords: sensory | texture | polymer | natural | Cargill | skin | sustainable | green | dispersion | moisturization

Abstract: Cargill "sensed" what formulators need with its new Lygomme VPC 50 and 30 nature-derived skin care polymers, which it will feature at in-cosmetics N.A.

During in-cosmetics North America, Cargill will present its Lygomme VPC 50 and VPC 30 blends (INCIs: Not Provided). These nature-derived polymers were developed for functional skin care performance and unique sensory experiences.

According to the company, the ingredients offer safer and better environmental impact while supporting customer sustainability targets for more natural and green cosmetics.

The ingredient also offers efficient thickening and texturizing properties, superior actives dispersion, and moisturization capabilities.