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[podcast] Trends and the Evolution of Hair Care

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Jennifer Marsh, Ph.D.
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Hair care has come a long way, in terms of improved benefits and customized care, but it still has room to grow. This interview with Jennifer Marsh, Ph.D., of Procter & Gamble, hits on some of these highlights.

Cosmetics & Toiletries: What are the latest innovations in hair care?


JM: I see three main areas. The first is in naturals. Naturals are a point of entry to the beauty market for many brands—but not necessarily in a functional sense, more in the sense of image. Another area is in targeted products for particular hair types.

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This actually leads into a third trend. If you think about different hair types and needs, there is also a need for solutions in new formats. It’s no longer just about products used in the shower, now it’s about those used between showering to revive the style you had or make it last longer. We’re getting away from just shampoos/conditioners and moving toward a complete line of products targeted to individual needs/behaviors. 

For more on these trends and additional insights—plus, what the hair care industry is getting "right vs. wrong," listen now!



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