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Strong, Smooth, and Defined Hair with 100% Natural Amino Lipid Technology--Download Formulations!

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Amino Lipid technology is the first cationic and 100% natural strengthening, smoothing, and conditioning technology for high performance hair care. The latest innovation in this category is AminoSensyl™ HC – a unique combination of the amino lipid Brassicyl Valinate Esylate and Brassica Alcohol.

AminoSensyl™ HC provides a 2X increase in hair strength­ening, inhibits the formation of flyaways, and conditions hair so it can be used as both the hair active and conditioning agent in formulations. Analytical tests for each of these attributes demonstrated a statistically significant improvement with AminoSensyl™ HC in a rinse-off conditioner application compared to an untreated control. These high-performance benefits result from hair substant­ivity of the non-quat, amino acid-based cationic charge and an optimized mixture of C18–C22 carbon chains. The benefits established via analytical techniques can also be perceived by consumers in-use.

AminoSensyl™ HC performance demo videos show these results on Caucasian bleached, curly, and 4C textured hair types. 

In addition to consumer-perceivable hair benefits, AminoSensyl™ HC is gentle to skin and eyes, enabling unique, solid-format conditioners, treatments, and masks, as well as novel leave-in formulations.

Intensive Conditioning Bar (HC-1101)

A sustainable take on a traditional conditioner, this waterless and easy-rinse bar is highly concentrated with the amino acid-based conditioning agent AminoSensyl™ HC.

This creamy conditioner provides deep moisturization to combat damage and dryness for healthier, nourished tresses.

Curl Defining Spray (HC-1100)

A leave-in conditioner spray that creates smoother and more defined curls. Quat-free AminoSensyl™ HC provides safe, nourishing conditioning without weighing hair down, ideal for a bouncy and hydrated natural curl. 

Split End Repair Cream (HC-1099)

This luxurious cream uses the novel weightless conditioning power of 100% natural and quat-free AminoSensyl™to infuse life and shine into dry hair, to repair heat damage, tame flyaways, and quench split ends.

In addition to hair performance benefits, AminoSensyl™ HC enables formulators to meet environmental and sustainability goals:

  • AminoSensyl™ HC contains 100% USDA certified biobased content
  • COSMOS Approved
  • NSF/ANSI 305 Approved
  • No skin or eye irritation
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Nontoxic to the environment


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