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Rebalance the scalp microbiome with Scalposine™

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Like many other parts of the human body, your scalp has its own ecosystem of microbes that directly impacts the health of your scalp. That’s usually a good thing! But it might also be the reason for your flaky or itchy noggin.

Scientists have figured out how the scalp’s microbial ecosystem, or microbiome, is compromised by different elements of day-to-day life. Here’s the good news: we know how to create personal care products that rebalance the microbiome to improve the state of your scalp.

Studies show that several aspects of a typical urban lifestyle can affect the scalp’s health and overall condition. City life comes with stress, pollution and lots and lots of personal care products. Not all of these products are good for the hair. Some leave deposits on the scalp, while others strip your hair’s natural oils to the point that it begins to over-produce sebum.

Along with dust and environmental pollution, those deposits make it really difficult for your scalp to breathe. Your microbiome suffers the consequences, leading to hair and scalp problems such as oiliness, flaking and itching. The solution? Your scalp needs a good, old-fashioned detox to get the microbiome back in balance.



The microbiome is a collection of teeny, tiny lifeforms — or a complex community of interdependent microbes, if you want to get technical. The external factors we talked about asphyxiate the scalp (yikes!) and throw it off balance, creating an environment where problematic strains of microbes start to outnumber the beneficial ones. That’s where a detox comes in.

Detoxing isn’t all lemon water and charcoal — it works for your scalp and hair, too. The general idea is to purge out some troublemaker microbes and promote a healthier, more balanced scalp ecosystem. With consumers everywhere stressing over their scalp and hair issues, BASF came up with an ingredient to help detox or “reset” the scalp’s microbiome. It’s called Scalposine™.

A naturally occurring amino acid with health and wellness benefits, Scalposine imitates components that are naturally found in your body. It’s based on an amino acid known for giving the skin a fresh and revived appearance. That doesn’t mean your shampoo will make you smarter or happier, but it might just make you smile at yourself in the mirror while checking out that beautiful mane.

In summary, Scalposine effectively aids in the reduction of an oily scalp. It helps to reduce flakes on the scalp and assists in rebalancing the microbiome. In addition, Scalpsoine aids in the scalp microbiomes fight against stress, pollution and product build-up. If all of that isn’t exciting enough, it also provides scalp comfort improvement (both an immediate and a long-lasting effect).

(INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Sarcosine)

To learn more and request a free sample log on to the Scalposine page on ULProspector.com


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